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CGS (Center for Gender Studies, ICU) would like to express strong oppositions to a series of remarks given by Toru Hashimoto, a co-representative of Japan Reformation Party and the Mayor of the City of Osaka, on "comfort women (sex slaves)" during World War II and sex industry in Okinawa since May 13, 2013, as well as to other remarks by his political colleagues supporting him. We regard these remarks are the insults to the dignity of all human beings, especially of women in neighboring Asian countries and Okinawa.


Date & Time
May 27th(Mon)
6:30p.m. - 9:00p.m.

Coming in the middle or leaving early are both OK.
No entrance fee; no reservation necessary(but we accept donations towards tea and snacks!).

Center for Gender Studies(CGS)
ERB-I 301

We'll enjoy tea and coffee and snacks as we talk about gender and sexuality in a relaxed atmosphere. Worries we've discussed before include:

"I might be attracted to people of the same sex as me"
"I might be attracted to both men and women"
"I have no interest in romance"
"I have a woman's body, but I want to be seen as a man"
"I have a man's body, but I want to be seen as a woman"
"I don't want others to determine my gender for me"
"I don't want to put a label on my sexual identity."

Besides these examples, if you have something else in mind and want to talk it over, please feel free to bring it up. With beverages and snacks prepared, we are waiting for you to come chat with us!

(Coordinators: Mokuta Hikari/ Kato Yuji)