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Let's Talk about Pregnancy, Childbirth, and Parenting on Campus! #05

Do you think universities have nothing to do with pregnancy, childbirth and parenting? Our university, ICU, is supported by a number of people who have children such as students, lecturers, and staff. What kind of institutions and facilities are needed for parents to concentrate on their studies and work on campus and for their children to grow up healthy? While we share our various experiences and ideas with each other, we will get closer to our goal of making this university a place in which both parents and children can learn and grow. We also welcome both parents and those who wish become parents while working in future! Let's enjoy tea and confections and have a chat about parenting.

9th February (Tue.) 2016

203&204, Dialogue House, International Christian University

Free, No Appointment Necessary


Natsumi IKOMA (Director, Center for Gender Studies)

ICU Nursing Room is now accepting user applications. More information is available at the CGS upon request.