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Center for Gender Studies / Institute for the Study of Christianity and Culture Joint Symposium
Liminal Existence in Art and Literature

12th November(Sat)2016 10:00〜17:30 / Includes Intermission
Doors Open 9:30

H-116, International Christian University

Free, No Appointment Necessary


10:00 Opening Remark: Natsumi Ikoma

10:10-11:30 Keynote Speech, Q&A
Mariko Enomoto (Keisen University)
'The Fascination of the 'Uncanny': From The Book of Judith to Player Piano'

11:30-12:30 Lunch

12:30-14:00 First Session
Yoshinori Sano (ICU/ICC)
'The Allure of the Sirens: Ancient Greek Texts, Iconography, and Beyond'

Christopher Simons (ICU/CGS)
'Wanderers, Outcasts, and Necromancers: The Poet as Liminal Magician'

Natsumi Ikoma (ICU/CGS)
'De-Sexing Vampires / Slayers: Angela Carter's Caricature of Vampire Narrative'

14:00-14:15 Break

14:15-15:25 Second Session
Daniela Kato Kyoto (Institute of Technology)
'Liminality in Translation: Metamorphic Landscapes in Contemporary Japanese Women Visual Artists Living in the West

Mayako Murai (Kanagawa University)
'Liminality and Human-Animal Metamorphosis in Ana Maria Pacheco's Works'

15:25-15:40 Break

15:40-17:10 Third Session
Munehito Moro (Master Candidate, ICU)
'When a Woman Goes Rogue: Interrogation of Female Identity in Mission Impossible: Rogue Nation (2015)'

Yuh-Chain Hung (Master Candidate, University of Tokyo / Research Associate,CGS)
'Zombie: a weak monster and our strong body'

Olivier Ammour-Mayeur (ICU/CGS)
'The Vampire as a Political Minority: From Jews to Muslims in Vampire Television Dramas (The Strain and Penny Dreadful)'

17:10-17:30 Closing

Literature and Art are populated with things that are regarded as not fully human. This symposium investigates the reasons for, and functions and possibilities of, suchexistences, through the perspectives of gender and sexuality.


Date & Time:
November 10th (Thu) 6:00p.m. - 8:30p.m.

Coming in the middle or leaving early are both OK.
No entrance fee; no reservation necessary(but we accept donations towards tea and snacks!).

Center for Gender Studies(CGS)
ERB-I 301

Places We Live, Places We Want to Live

What kind of place do you currently live in, and in what kind of place would you like to reside in the future?
Maybe it's an area, a certain kind of architecture, the interior or outside of a building, or the kind of people you want to live with. Or maybe it's your own home, a dorm, or a sharehouse. There are many, many elements to be considered when we talk about where we live.
Why don't you pop over for a chat about living spaces, in connection with gender and sexuality?

We'll enjoy tea and coffee and snacks as we talk about gender and sexuality in a relaxed atmosphere. Worries we've discussed before include:

"I might be attracted to people of the same sex as me"
"I might be attracted to both men and women"
"I have no interest in romance"
"I have a woman's body, but I want to be seen as a man"
"I have a man's body, but I want to be seen as a woman"
"I don't want others to determine my gender for me"
"I don't want to put a label on my sexual identity."

Besides these examples, if you have something else in mind and want to talk it over, please feel free to bring it up. With beverages and snacks prepared, we are waiting for you to come chat with us!

(Coordinators: Lindsay Morrison / Stefan Wuerrer)