May 2014 Archives

26th May(Mon) - 13th June(Fri)
*Only on days Othmer Library is open

Shieko Reto(API Fellow/CGS Researcher)

Othmer Library, Ground Floor, Break Area Exhibition Space

This will be an exhibition on Shieko Reto's personal experiences as a trans-woman in Malaysia, the everyday experiences of transgender people in Malaysia, the Philippines, and Japan, and illustrations produced based on interviews about movements for the rights of transgender people.

R-Week is a project in which we hold events and create pamphlets on various problems felt around campus, primarily in terms of gender and sexuality, in order to create an environment in which our voices can be heard. The 2nd annual event week will be held during the week of June 2nd (Mon) to June 7th, 2014 (Sat). We have planned a variety of events, from lectures, to workshops, to art exhibits. The main focus of this week will be you, the students. Together, let us make a campus in which everyone can live safely and comfortably.