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About This Guide
The "LGBT in ICU Student Guidebook" was created to provide support to LGBT *1 students attending ICU in order for them to obtain a better learning environment. The editing and publication of the guidebook are performed by CGS (Center for Gender Studies).

The guide contains information about institutional support, based on how actual cases were handled at ICU in the past. It also includes examples pertaining to students at unease with their gender, such as transgender or GID*2 students, as well as information useful for life at the university.

The information listed in this guide reflects the measures that can be taken at ICU at present, and may not fit each individual's needs or expectations. CGS will continue its work to create a more comfortable environment for students, and as such, we will periodically update and expand this guide to respond to a wide variety of gender and sexuality-related needs.

*1 LGBT An acronym formed by taking the first letters of Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Transgender. In recent years, it has come into use as a general term to refer to sexual minorities. There are two major reasons why the term LGBT was used in the series title for this guide. One reason is that we wanted to include a word that clearly indicated "transgender," the main topic of this guide. The second is because we are planning on releasing a second guide in the future that focuses on genders and sexualities besides transgender/GID, and so we wanted a title that would anticipate that. Sexual minorities are not limited to the four categories represented in the term LGBT, nor are problems related to gender and sexuality restricted to minorities alone. In the future, we are considering updating the series title as we release a variety of guides.

*2 GID
A medical term formed by taking the first letters of Gender Identity Disorder. In recent years, there has been a movement advocating the use of the concept "gender dysphoria."

About This Guide
Changing Name and/or Gender in the Registrar
Gender Field in Documents Issued by the University
Physical Education (PE) Requirements and Classes
Annual Health Examinations for Students and Individual Exams
Study Abroad
University Event:Retreat
University Event: Fuwa Café (Casual Cafe)
About Unisex/Multipurpose Bathrooms
Special Advisor for Gender and Sexuality
Inquiries about this Guidebook

2015.10.21. Revised Items - The system and department in charge of "Changing Name and/or Gender in the Registrar" has been changed - Added information about gender-neutral changing room under "Physical Education" section - "Study Abroad" was added as a new section


Date & Time:
October 14th (Wed) 6:00p.m. - 8:30p.m.

Coming in the middle or leaving early are both OK.
No entrance fee; no reservation necessary(but we accept donations towards tea and snacks!).

Center for Gender Studies(CGS)
ERB-I 301

What's a "Healthy" Relationship?

"A relationship should be like this!" "That's not a healthy relationship!" Everyone unconsciously has these kinds of ideas or constraints, or has had them forced upon themself by others. Moreover, they exist in many different kinds of shapes and forms. What kind of relationship feels good to you? Let's all gather together and chat about it!

We'll enjoy tea and coffee and snacks as we talk about gender and sexuality in a relaxed atmosphere. Worries we've discussed before include:

"I might be attracted to people of the same sex as me"
"I might be attracted to both men and women"
"I have no interest in romance"
"I have a woman's body, but I want to be seen as a man"
"I have a man's body, but I want to be seen as a woman"
"I don't want others to determine my gender for me"
"I don't want to put a label on my sexual identity."

Besides these examples, if you have something else in mind and want to talk it over, please feel free to bring it up. With beverages and snacks prepared, we are waiting for you to come chat with us!

(Coordinators: Lindsay Morrison / Kato Yuji)