01. News: August 2017 Archives

We are now accepting papers for the 13th volume of the Journal of the Center for Gender Studies, Gender and Sexuality (to be published in March 2018).
We are accepting contributions for the Research Section (research papers and research notes) and also for the Fieldwork Section (field reports).

Deadline for submissions: August 31, 2017 (postmarked).

Researchers, activists and anyone, irrespective of rank, is eligible to submit a paper, so come and send your manuscripts!
You can download the Gender and Sexuality Journal Regulations for Vol.13 here.
For additional information please contact CGS.

The Journal of the Center for Gender Studies, ICU Gender and Sexuality is an international academic journal published for the first time in 2005, founded on the wish to become a central "place" to the generation and transmission of fresh knowledge with regards to gender and sexuality. This journal also aims to serve as a bridge between scholars and activists, theory and practice, and advance cooperation between both sides.

Besides distributing the journal among academic institutions in Japan, this journal may be also downloaded from the CGS online website: http://web.icu.ac.jp/cgs_e/journal.html (Here you can also download past volumes).
The journal articles are also registered in databases administered by the National Institute of Informatics and the Japanese Institutional Repositories Online (JAIRO). This is a free and open-access journal.