CGS Members

The College of Liberal Arts and the Graduate School of Arts and Sciences of International Christian University (ICU) form a united department system in both the undergraduate and graduate levels. Students are able to study and research freely without being constrained by their own departments. Similarly, CGS brings together professors from a diverse range of fields, who share an interest in gender and/or sexuality. Below you will find a list of the CGS members and their 1) majors & research areas, as well as their 2) current interests & a short message about their research and its relation to gender studies.

In addition, we will introduce the research institute assistants who are involved in the management of CGS, as well as the researchers associated to the center.

(2017.10.24 update)

ekato.jpg KATO, Etsuko(Director, steering member, editorial board member)
1. Cultural Anthropology: Cultural nationalism and gender; migration and gender; critiquing representations of the sexuality of the Japanese in English ethnography
2. Gender and sexuality are the essential part not only in human life but also in observing and writing human beings. Be critical to such categories as women/men, majority/minority, and a new view of human culture and society will emerge in front of us.

stafflogo.jpg AMMOUR-MAYEUR, Olivier (Vice-director, steering member)
1. French Literature, Comparative Literature, Film Studies and Popular Culture (Francophone, Anglophone and Japanese cultures)
2. My research interests are focused on the representations of genders in Literature, Films and Popular Culture (Manga, TV dramas). Working at the intersection of Aesthetics, Philosophy and Social Theories of representation (Sociology and Anthropology), my research focuses on the political aspects of the representations of genders and
sexualities in Arts (Literature, Cinema, Painting, Photography).

nmiyasa.jpg IKOMA, Natsumi (Steering member, editorial board member)
1. Contemporary English Literature; Conceptualization of the body and structure of terror in Women's Literature
2. All forms of knowledge and study are things that have been expressed by humans as `text`, which reflects the subjectivity of the writer and the ideologies and biases of that society and age. As the prejudices and ideas of the reader intervene to create an act of interpretation, and through this twist, I think it is possible to see - not an "objective" or "scientific" "truth" (which does not even exist in the first place) - but a possibility for tolerance and open-mindedness. The perspective of gender is a must when it comes to taking that sort of approach. Will you join us in the search for new possibility for literature?

stafflogo.jpg KIM, Allen (Steering member)
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takamatsu.jpg TAKAMATSU, Kana (Steering member)
1. International Relations/ Gender and Development
2. My research is to examine how gender influence to in post-conflict reconstruction assistance by focusing on social reintegration of female ex-combatants. Another research topic is gender issues and politics in Myanmar.

DAS.MORIKI%20Yoshie.JPG MORIKI, Yoshie (pGSS Major Coodinator)
1. Cultural anthropology and demography: Non-marriage, low fertility, population aging
2. I have been examining the issue of sexuality and reproduction from both cultural and demographic perspectives. I am interested in the impacts of people's value systems, such as the cultural concept of and expectation for gender, on the changing patterns of population structures.

ikedaresized.jpg IKEDA, Richiko (Editorial board member)
1. Communication Studies
2. I have an interest in where the connection between Communication and Gender studies lies. One of the challenges in Communication Studies is the illustration of the process of meaning. In Gender studies also, the semantic generation known as 'social roles' and its process needs to be viewed as a problem to be solved - and the same can be said of Communication studies.

stafflogo.jpg ARAKAKI, Osamu
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stafflogo.jpg ARIMOTO, Takeshi
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stafflogo.jpg CURRAN, Beverley F. M.
1. Interlingual translation, cultural translation, media translation, translation studies
2. The impact of feminism and gender studies on translation theorization and practice, and translation as trope, theory and practice that has affected gender studies continue to be research interests.

stafflogo.jpgESKILDSEN, Robert
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gillan-resized.jpgGILLAN, Matthew A.
1. Musicology
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akiito201005resized.jpg ITO, Aki
1. History of Italian Art and History of Costume in Italy
2. I would like to decipher the 'ideal dress' of 16th century Italy from the period print collections and the many descriptions of Dress in the essays on Women during that time. Recently, I have been interested in the first female career author, Christine de Pisan, and the way she styled clothing and accessories.

tkamito.jpg KAMITO, Takehiko
1. Ecology of wild animals, A study on an influence of symbiotic bacteria on the sex determination of invertebrates
2. Now editing

hkikuc.jpg KIKUCHI, Hideaki
1. History: Chinese History
2. I want to study the women's history of modern China from a new point of view.

tkriste.jpg KRISTEVA, Tzvetana I.
1. Japanese Classical Literature, Japanese Literature and Semiotics
2. I am interested in Semiotics of women in Heian era in Japan.

Mark Langager.jpg LANGAGER, Mark W.
1. International Comparative Education: Biliteracy Acquisition and Education for Sustainable Development
2. I come from a family of seven children, which was a lot of fun, but I see overpopulation as one of the most serious problems facing the world. In addressing this and other global problems, many solutions are rooted in the policy of including women at the decision making table, and that will only be possible through access to education.

mahar.jpg MAHER, John C.
1. Sociolinguistics: Multilingualism in Japan, language and postmodern identity, semiotics, Freudian theory and language,language and politics
2. New ways of talking about social identity have emerged in the postmodern world. Our cultural identity (gender, occupation, ethnicity, religious) can be hybrid, ambiguous, non-essentialist, post-ethnic.

smalarn.jpg MALARNEY, Shaun
1. Cultural Anthropology: Medical Anthropology
2. My interests focus on gender and its relationships to ritual, religion, inequality and medicine.

stafflogo.jpgMINEJIMA, Chika
1. Atmospheric Chemistry
2. There is still less female researchers in also the STEM field, so I hope I can encourage next generations by my existence.

knasu.jpgNASU, Kei
1. History: Religion, culture and society in early modern England
2. Examining the workings and representation of gender and sexuality is crucial for understanding the past society.

Nishimura.jpgNISHIMURA, Mikiko
1. Sociology of Education, International Educational Development
2. Gender cuts across the forms, processes, and outcomes of education and yet the international goals often simplify the gender issue to be measured by quantitative indicators such as enrollment and literacy rates. I have discussed such contradiction in a recent book entitled Gender and International Educational Development.

omori-resized.jpgOMORI, Sawa
1. International Politics and Economics, Public Policy
2. now editing.

simons-resized.jpg SIMONS, Christopher. E. J.
1. My research is in the field of English Literature, particularly Shakespeare, English Renaissance literature (poetry and drama), English Romanticism (eighteenth and nineteenth centuries), and modern and contemporary British and Irish poetry.
2. My current research includes work on William and Dorothy Wordsworth, W. B. Yeats (and Irish folklore and mythology), and the uses of mythology and symbolism in contemporary British and Irish poetry. I am interested in the relationship between authorial and social power in women writers, particularly in medieval female poets, Romantic women writers, and contemporary women poets. I am also interested in the evolution of feminism in literature in the works of writers such as Henrik Ibsen and Sylvia Plath.

ntakaza.jpgTAKAZAWA, Norie
1. History: Early Modern French History
2. My current interest is to analyze the French absolute monarchy, as one case of sovereign states formed in the early modern Europe, through a study on the transformation of social norms and relations like a neighborhood, a conjugal and a parent-child relationships.

stafflogo.jpgTERADA, Mayu
1. Administrative Law and Administrative Organizations, Telecommunication and Administrative Organizations, Laws and Regulations of AI, Artificial Intelligence.
2. My research topic is Administrative Law and Administrative Organizations, Telecommunication and Administrative Organizations, Laws and Regulations of AI, Artificial Intelligence. I study about law and regulations in the field of Information and Communication, AI etc.
I think that it is important to introduce a gender perspective when thinking about organizations and organizations and people.

TANAKA, Kazuko (Former professor of International Christian University, Founder of Center for Gender Studies at International Christian University)

Yuen, Shu Min (National University of Singapore)

Research Institute Assistant
ISERI, Makiko
KIM, Mijin
LEE, Haengri