Greetings from CGS

Tanaka, Kazuko : Director of the Center for Gender Studies [CGS NewsLetter 001]

The Center for Gender Studies (CGS) at International Christian University (ICU) opened in April 2004.

The CGS has three primary goals: (1) to facilitate a network of Asia-based researchers in the fields of women's studies, men's studies and gender studies, (2) to go beyond the mere absorption and translation of Western-based studies and to make Asia-based studies available worldwide, and (3) to develop a tri-fold genderstudies model that incorporates not only the social sciences and the humanities but also the natural sciences.

In the fields of women's studies, men's studies and gender studies we do rely heavily on the information published in English mainly produced by western researchers. We have recognized how severely limited our information about neighboring countries in Asia is. It is time for us to build networks, to share knowledge and ideas about ourselves in Asia, and to convey them to the world. With that recognition, CGS will facilitate active networking in Asia and distribute relevant information to the world via the CGS Newsletters (NL) and Website. The NL and the website will be interactively connected. The NL will be published twice a year with brief summaries of articles, and full versions available for uploaded on the website.

We are preparing a Program in Gender and Sexuality Studies (PGSS), which is planned to start in AY2005. This Program covers not only humanities and social sciences, but also natural sciences. Since gender is considered as a concept defined socio-culturally, natural sciences have been excluded from the scope of gender studies. In the curriculum of PGSS, we will expand our scope by incorporating natural sciences. CGS will play a vital role to support the curriculum development of PGSS.

In addition, CGS will provide those interested in the issues of gender and sexuality with a communication space. You are all welcome, and you will find a collection of essential books, audio-visuals, and gender-related information. I have been looking forward to the opening of the Center for Gender Studies for a long time. The successful establishment of CGS would not have been possible without the generous support of the ICU faculty, staff, students, and Japan ICU Foundation. I would hereby like to express my heartfelt appreciation to all of you.