CGS Book Clubs in the Autumn Term

CGS will run three weekly book clubs this term. We have a diverse line-up on offer: on Tuesdays we will read Bell Hooks' Feminism is for Everybody as an introduction to feminism, on Wednesdays, we embark on a new endeavour with a work on feminist theology, and on Thursdays, we will read a variety of texts on Gender and Sexuality theory by writers such as Judith Butler, Drucilla Cornell and Adrienne Rich. Please come and join us!

"Feminism is for Everybody"
Every Tuesday
First meeting: September 12th
We will discuss the book Feminism is for Everybody by Bell Hooks.
Recommended for those who want to learn more about "Gender in Everyday Life"

"Feminist Theology"
Every Wednesday
First meeting: September 13th
We will read books to further our understanding of Feminist Theology, including Reading the Bible Today -- Overcoming Gender Prejudice and Fundamentalism (in Japanese)
Participants should preferably have some basic knowledge about Theology.

"Gender/Sexuality Theory: A la Carte"
Every Thursday
First meeting: September 14th
We will read a variety of works by Judith Butler, Drucilla Cornell and Adrienne Rich.

Time: Each Book Club will start from 7:10pm
Place: CGS
Copies of reading assignments for future meetings will be distributed at the first meeting. Distribution methods will differ according to each book club leader.
Contact: (Kato)