"Examining Constitutional Amendment from a Gender Perspective"

Constitutional reform is now the subject of heated debate in the media, particularly in the newspapers and on television. This reflects the importance and complexity of the issue in Japan today. Yet, despite the variety of viewpoints from which the problems of constitutional revision have been discussed, few have incorporated a gender perspective.

Our guest speaker for this lecture is Osaka-based lawyer Noriko Ishida, who has dealt with numerous lawsuits concerning cases of sexual harassment and domestic violence. She is also a member of two associations - the Head Facilitator of Osaka Lawyers Article 9 and one of the leaders of Osaka Women Article 9. Ms. Ishida has spoken out strongly against the negative effects arising from the revision of Articles 9 and 24 of the constitution.
Based on her many years of experience in Law and Human Rights, Ms. Ishida will discuss issues concerning constitutional reform - in particular the interrelated problems of Articles 9 and 24 - from a gender perspective. We invite you all to attend this lecture, especially those with an interest in Gender Studies, Legal Studies, and Human Rights issues.

Time: Friday, September 22, 2006
Place: Room H315, Main Building, International Christian University
Maps: Access Map, Campus Map
Language: Japanese (Simultaneous translation not available)
Co-hosted by: ICU Center for Gender Studies and the 21st Century COE Program