[Completed] Open Lecture : Why Suffer from Job Burnout? —Tips for Your Future Career

syukatsu2007_s.pngWhy Suffer from Job Burnout? —Tips for Your Future Career
A lecture co-hosted by the ICU Placement Office and the Center for Gender Studies (CGS)

■ I feel neglected when I’m turned down.
■ When unaccepted by the people around me, I feel like a loser.
■ I experience feelings of despair when things go wrong.

Haven’t you ever felt like this? Haven’t we all? Surrounded by people with different values and ways of coping at school or in the workplace, we can all be subjected to many worries and anxieties caused by problems of communication. Yet, if you let yourself become distraught by every conflict you encounter, you may find yourself forced to deny who you are. Worse yet, you may end up suffering from burnout.

Then, what can you do to protect yourself from being victimized by stress-induced exhaustion? Are there any skills that you can learn to help you respect and appreciate yourself as well as others from different walks of life, and thereby accomplish smoother communication with them?
We all love to make ourselves heard more than we’d like to admit. In a way, we are all self-proclaimed good talkers. Are we good listeners though? It is one thing to know that attentive listening is what facilitates communication. It is quite another to put that knowledge into practice.
Attentive listening is the topic CGS and ICU Placement Office have chosen this year for their third co-host lecture. Lecturer Ms. Naoko Takayama will discuss specific knowledge and skills to help you become better listeners/communicators while at the same time avoiding disempowerment. The lecture is open not only to seniors about to enter the labor force, but also to any students, faculty and staff members who wrestle with problems arising from communication with friends, family or colleagues.

Title: Why Suffer from Job Burnout?—Tips for Your Future Career
Time and date: 1p.m. - 3p.m., Friday, October 5
Place: Honkan 116
Lecturer: Ms. Naoko Takayama (Counselor, Support House Jomu)
Language: Japanese (with simultaneous translation)
Co-hosted by: ICU Center for Gender Studies, ICU Placement Office
Sponsored by: COE
Contact info.:0422-33-3448/cgs@icu.ac.jp