Announcement: 4th Issue of CGS Journal, "Gender and Sexuality"

"Gender and Sexuality 04"can be downloaded as a PDF file from the link listed below.

We welcoms submission of unpublished rearch papers, field repotrs and book reviews for the fifth issue of "Gender and Sexuality".


Research Papers

Gender, Identity and the "Elderly"
Richiko IKEDA

The Role of the Villainess:
Women's Language in the Japanese Girl's Comic Life

Michel Foucault, and the Counter Discourses
of Contemporary Sexuality Studies
Kazuyoshi KAWASAKA

Research Notes
Heterosexual Women who have Close Friendships with Gay Men

CGS Activity Reports and Schedule
AY 2008 Activity Report
Japan-UK LGBT Youth Exchange Project
Minority Loneliness Crosses National Borders
The Japan-UK LGBT Youth Exchange Project
Developing Self Esteem and Communication Skills
AY 2009 CGS Activity Schedule

Author Profiles
Regular Members of the Center for Gender Studies
Journal Regulations for Vol. 05
Postscript from the Editor

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