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The twelfth issue of the CGS Newsletter is now available both in print and online. Click the URL to download the PDF version.
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Contents of the CGS Newsletter 012

In Lieu of Greetings: The Past, Present, and Future of CGS
Etsuko KATO
Director, Center for Gender Studies

Report: Lecture on "The Politics Surrounding Names and Labels"
3rd year student, Division of Languages, ICU

A "Liberal" ICU? ? From a Former ICU Dorm Resident ?
ICU graduate

Report: Annual Conference of the Women's Studies Association of Japan
Takako NIWA
ICU Post-graduate

Inter-Asia Cultural Typhoon 2009
Undergraduate, ICU

Improving the Quality of Life at ICU

What's a "Communication Disorder"?! - Developmental Disabilities and Domestic Violence

How Gender Affects Decisions Regarding Mechanical Ventilation: Female Patients and Female Carers

A Child Care Center for ICU

Interview with Prof. Chalidaporn Songsamphan

Problems in Implementing the Japanese Koban System in Other Countries
Cesar Alves (Zare) FERRAGI
Graduate Student, ICU