Announcement: 5th Issue of CGS Journal, "Gender and Sexuality"

"Gender and Sexuality 05"can be downloaded as a PDF file from the link listed below.

We welcoms submission of unpublished rearch papers, field reports and book reviews for the fifth issue of "Gender and Sexuality".


Research Papers

The Fluctuating Gender Model and the Reflexive-Self in Medical Discourse
Yukari ISHII

"Trouble" Revisited: Female-Female Impersonation and its Subversion
Makiko ISERI

Research Notes

The Foreign Gaze? A critical look at claims about same-sex sexuality in Japan in the
English language literature
Diana KHOR

TV Culture and Women: The Conversion of the Early Morning NHK Television Series, |
Asadora《italic》, and its Relationship to Female Viewers
Hsinyi HUANG

Field Notes

Policies for the prevention of domestic violence against victims of all genders and
sexualities in Japan

Facts behind the lost lawsuit to remove discrimination against children born outside
marriage - 30 years since the International Convention on the Elimination of All Forms
of Discrimination against Women

CGS Activity Reports and Schedule
AY 2009 Activity Report
The First Meeting of the Tama Gender Education Network
AY 2010 CGS Activity Schedule

Author Profiles
Regular Members of the Center for Gender Studies
Journal Regulations for Vol. 06
Postscript from the Editor

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